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I believe that we stand for more than the labels we give ourselves. I want to share what I stand for and how I want to help other women who have survived domestic abuse and want to design a life they dream of.

Finding Independance

One of my personal values is independence. After having my independence taken away from me this is something that I strive to achieve. Not just financially but generally being able to do things on my own – not needing help from others!

I guess I’ve probably taken this a bit too far these days, as I’ve had to learn when I need to ask for help – and accept it! But it’s still there. I want to be able to do all the things myself!

My thoughts for a long time were: “I don’t need anyone, I can cope on my own’. I had to – while on my own with the boys I didn’t have anyone to bail me out – if something needed to be done it was all on me. Or I just couldn’t afford to pay someone to do it for me – so I did it myself. And of course I’ve been let down, many many times. And these all just strengthened this need for independence in myself.

These days I see this as a strength and a weakness! I still value my independence and will always work towards independence in all senses of the word. It helps drive me forward.

But then it also does stop me asking for help when I need it – like asking for help to improve my mental health and mindset. So I guess I’ll just continue working on this, and use my learnings to ask for help when I need it!

Cheryl Sharp Mentor


I’m a self-confessed perfectionist! I always strive to be the best I can be, deliver the best work, and so on! I’m always looking for ways to improve, and things really do bug me if they’re not the best I can do!

Cheryl Sharp Mentor for women


I really do value being able to live the lifestyle I want. Having that freedom to decide when and where I’m going to work, spend time with family and friends and so on. We’re now striving towards that financial freedom to really give us the ultimate lifestyle we dream of.

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6 top tips for getting started with your new business

Starting a new business is scary and challenging at the best of times, but even more so when add in the challenges of being a DA survivor!

But it is definitely doable, and so worth it. Giving you back your independence, in many ways. Download my 6 top tips to help you get going.